About The Logger

The fifth annual Noosa Logger, presented by Heads of Noosa Brewing Co.

A two day log riding competition held on 2nd & 3rd May at Noosa Heads. The Noosa Logger will also showcase the best of the Noosa’s board makers, with a spectacle on the beach and in the water.

Specifically focusing on log riding and style, The Logger has age divisions for open men, open women, 40, 50, 60+, juniors boys and junior girls, and Old Mals. The Noosa Logger would like to thank all its sponsors for supporting our unique event. Without your gracious help this would not be possible.


  • Open Men: – 30 Places
  • Open Women: – 12 Places
  • Over 40’s: – 12 Places
  • Over 50’s: – 12 Places
  • Over 60’s: – 6 Places
  • Junior boys: – 12 Places
  • Junior girls: – 12 Places
  • Mixed Groms: – 6 Places
  • Old Mal: – 12 Places
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The Surfing

The competition will run 6-man heats and every competitor will be assured to surf twice. Keep an eye on the running order and progressions to ensure you’re on time for your heats.

Surfing begins 7am Saturday and Sunday.

Meet at 6.30am at First Point each day to find out where the comp will be held. If the comp is moved to Access 11 in the Woods or Castaways Beach, a notice will be left at the car park to direct stragglers. Surfing finishes about 4.30pm Saturday and Sunday. Preso’s start around 4.30pm Sunday.

Sign On

Currently sign on will be held at
Heads of Noosa Brewing Co, on Friday 1st May from 5.30pm. Find Heads of Noosa Brewing Co at 85 Rene Street, Noosaville QLD 4567.

Log Criteria

  1. The board length is minimum 9 feet measured from the nose to the tail on the deck of the surfboard,
  2. The width dimensions are to be a total minimum 47 inches in aggregate. This is the total of the widest point, plus the width 12 inches up from the tail and 12 inches back from the nose,
  3. The board will have a single central fin that may be permanently fixed or attached via a fin box. There must be no provision for any other fin configuration,
  4. The rails of the surfboard will be 50/50 or 60/40 from nose to tail,
  5. The board will have no resin edge from rail to tail,
  6. The fin will be at least 8 inches from its mounted base to the highest point,
  7. The board will weigh a minimum of six kilograms,
  8. No leg rope needed except at tournament director’s discretion.


“ The surfer must execute traditional manouevre’s with continual motion, style and grace in the most critical sections of the wave. The surfer must display uninterrupted flow with control of the surfboard with emphasis on creativity, form with smoothness and the linking of manouevre’s over the entire ride. The degree of commitment to the key aspects of these criteria will determine the scoring outcome ”

Who Won This One


  1. Josh Constable
  2. Bowie Pollard
  3. Clinton Guest
  4. Nic Brewer
  5. Harrison Roach
  6. Dane Wilson

  1. Kathryn Hughes
  2. Charlotte Lethbridge
  3. Mika Jodvalkis
  4. Kristy Quirk
  5. Kirra Molnar
  6. Jade Gower

  1. Archie Doble
  2. Zac Brewer
  3. Riley Thompson
  4. Aiden Feeley
  5. Dallas Rogers
  6. Kaiden Smales

  1. Luca Doble
  2. Charlotte Lethbridge
  3. Tallara Ramm
  4. Jade Gower
  5. Luca Groh
  6. Tia Coulter

  1. Matt Cuddihy
  2. Bowie Pollard
  3. Alex Bullpitt
  4. Craig Davies
  5. Cale Coulter
  6. Tom Marr

  1. Damian Coulter
  2. Craig Davies
  3. Drew Coulter
  4. Glen Gower
  5. Paul White
  6. Peter Brewer

  1. Alain Sauvage
  2. Reid Johnson
  3. Wally Allan
  4. Ossie Arikan
  5. Scott Kachad
  6. Scott Paterson

  1. Eric Walker
  2. Mick Vaisnys
  3. Keith Crocker
  4. Chris Cox
  5. Trevor Brady
  6. Ian Borland
Teams Challenge

  1. Fine Surfcraft by Andrew Warhurst
  2. Ross Wilson Surfboards
  3. Thomas Surfboards
Micro Groms

  1. Landen Smales
  2. Jive Constable
  3. Lennix Currie
  4. Spencer Dye
  5. Mia Waite
  6. Lucy Bowen